Carrickfinn Blue Flag Beach

Carrickfinn beach is a 5 minute drive from Caisleain Oir, leaving the hotel follow the signs for Donegal Airport.  A Blue Flag beach famous for its beautiful sand dunes and clean, safe waters. Carrickfinn Beach is very popular in the summer time for many sea activities.


Donegal Airport

Donegal Airport is located at Carrickfinn, Kincasslagh, Co. Donegal. The airport is approximately a 5 minute drive from Caisleain Oir and 45 minutes drive from Letterkenny.  Flights operate twice daily all year round from Donegal to Dublin Airport, with a schedule four times weekly from Donegal to Glasgow International Airport.

Arranmore Island

Arranmore Island is located only a few miles from Burtonport. The crystal clear waters surrounding Arranmore provide great dive sites and sea angling, while the island’s freshwater lakes are home to brown and rainbow trout. Boats for sea angling can be hired and there are abundant cod, ling, conger eel, pollock, wrasse, skate, turbot and plaice. Birdwatchers will enjoy seeing fulmars and shags and climbers can tackle the steep cliffs.


Arranmore Ferries

Arranmore Ferries provide a comfortable crossing which takes just 15 minutes and once there you can spend the day exploring the scenic views and drives.  Arranmore ferries run throughout the winter and the summer months.

Cruit Island

Cruit (pronounced "Critch") Island, is off the coast of West Donegal near Kincasslagh.  It is a  small island measuring roughly 3 miles by one mile. The island is attached to the main land by a bridge so access to it is easy. Beside the road bridge there is a smaller pedestrian bridge. There are no shops on Cruit Island but Kincassalgh is only a short drive away . The island however does have it's own Golf Club.The island is very beautiful and is dotted with sandy beaches all around it's coastline. There are about twelve beaches on this tiny island. There is a small pier and a couple of slipways. During low tide it is possible to walk to the mainland at Belcruit. You can book a boat to take you to nearby Owey Island from Cruit if you so wish.


Tory Island

Tory Island is a tiny island only 11km off the north coast of County Donegal.  It can be reached by one of two ferries which run on a daily basis (weather permitting) from either Magheroarty or Bunbeg.  The ferry journey takes about 40 minutes and is for foot passengers only.  Tory is an island of great beauty, rich in history and mythology and a place that time has almost forgotten.  For anyone wanting to see a little piece of Heaven and experience a more easy going and gentle way of life, even for a short period, Tory is the place to go.  


Gola Island and Ferries

Gola island is situated just one mile off the coast of Gweedore. This sunny and deserted haven offers you the chance to unwind and get away from it all. The island is easily walked in a few hours and offers splendid views of the surrounding islands, reefs and mainland. It's many beaches and secluded bays attract large numbers of tourists throughout the year.  Sailing times may vary according to tides and weather but are generally on the hour from Bunbeg harbour.  A printed timetable is located on the pier.

Daniel O Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell is from Kincasslagh which is only a five minute drive from the hotel.  Daniel in his younger days played many times in the old bar and lounge with his sister Margo when he was growing up.  Daniel has a visitor centre where there is a celebration of his life and his achievements to date.  The visitor centre is only a 15 minute drive from the hotel.

Glenveagh National Park

Glenveagh is one of six national parks in Ireland. Situated in the Northwest of Co. Donegal,45 minutes from Caisleain Oir,  Glenveagh encompasses some 16,000 hectares in the heart of the Derryveagh Mountains.  Glenveagh National Park is home to many walkways and also has a National Castle which is well worth a tour.  Glenveagh National Castle is a day trip not to be missed when visiting North West Donegal.


Ionad Cois Locha - Dunlewy Centre

Ionad Cois Locha is a must in the area for a family day out.  Ionad Cois Locha is in Dunlewy about a 15 minute drive from Caisleain Oir.  There are number of different activities including a boat cruise, a train ride, lakeside walks, kids play area and a weavers cottage.  A number of other activities can be organised on site including horse riding in The Equestrian Centre next to the Dunlewy Centre


Walking / Hiking

Walking and hiking holidays are very popular in North West Donegal.  We have amazing beaches, railway walks, forests and for those who wish to climb Errigal.  All our coastal islands are well known for there walks aswell.  We have many converted railway walks close to the hotel including the Burtonport Railway Walk.  For those who wish to explore, The Poisoned Glen offers a rough walking path around Dunlewy.  Errigal Mountain is a major attraction throughout the year for those looking for a steeper climb.  There are many different walks available in Ards Forest aswell as a nature walk to Altan Farm.